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South of the Island Experience
When somebody ask me “what to do in Florianopolis?” I always answer that he needs to visit the south of the island. The exuberance of Atlantic Forest, provably would be which would fulf...
North of the Island Experience
Tour: North of the Island Experience.   This tour starts from the central area of the Island, at a beautiful viewpoint and most representative edification in Florianpolis, the Hercilio...
Lagoinha do Leste Trail Experience
Lagoinha do Leste Trail Experience A preserved almost untouched nook, with clear waters, green hills, waterfalls and an amazing lagoon between the forest. Doesn't it have to be recognize as...
Trails Barra da Lagoa
Trails Barra da Lagoa   Barra da Lagoa trail: After crossing the bridge over the Barra da Lagoa Beach channel, begins the trail to the Galheta Beach. It is a naturist beach since 1986,...
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