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About Us

About us

EcoExperiências is a sustainable tourism agency that welcomes you in Florianopolis for your staying to become an authentic experience on the Island. Want to meet many beaches, but different from the traditional city tour in Florianopolis? Our tours feature the most beautiful unspoilt beaches, involving the local community, including nature walks, environmental and cultural drivers, which causes a very different look about the place. Our specialty is the tourism of experiences, building experiences that connect you to nature and local culture. We promote community-based tourism, as well as the preservation of our natural and cultural heritage. We believe that only then, with this exchange, and in harmony with the environment, is how our true mission will be fulfilled, to build a better future.


" Planting ecological ideas is the guarantee of a fertile future, time to reap sustainability. " Gabriel Garcia de Oliveira

In just 01 day tour, you will know the beaches of Florianopolis, rich in biodiversity, composed by beautiful countrysides, forests (Atlantic Forest), ponds (lagoons), dunes, and get to know local traditions and their historical centers. We want this day to be truly remarkable in your life, because of its beauty, exchange and learning. The itineraries include two tours with transfer, to the beaches of the South (Lagoa do Peri , Armação, Matadeiro, Solidão, Saquinho and Ribeirão da Ilha ) and North ( St. Antonio de Lisboa, Sambaqui , Pontal da Daniela and Hercílio Luz ). And do not think that this is a city tour or those rides that you see from the window the landscape. At each location, youwill make a new discovery.


In addition to tours of 01 days, e strongly believe in the importance of walking. We will offer two nature trails, with starting point from Barra da Lagoa (exclusive access to Galheta Beach) and another for Lagoinha do Leste Beach (the most unspoilt beach of the island ). We also offer an urban trail in the city that leads to one of the best visual Hercílio Luz Bridge, postcard of the city center. All tours are offered with comfort, by professionals, with security and tons of affection.